Hand-woven crafts

Ngob Nam Chiao is a woven hat of bamboo and palm leaves worn by people tending the field or farming the land.

        Trat Shrimp Paste is particularly famous since it is made entirely from shrimp. Ordinary shrimp paste is often a mixture of shrimp and fish.

        Koh Chang Wine comes from local fruits and herbs such as mangosteen, pineapple, grape and galingale.  This award- winning brand is a good souvenir to take home. It is available at some hotels, and the price starts from 199 Baht.

        Rakam Waan or Sweet Rakam is quite a well-known fruit in Trat, together with other tropical fruits such as the rambutan, mangosteen, mango, durian, coconut and pineapple.

        The Lang Aan (Ridgeback Siamese Dog) is probably Thailand’s most famous canine breed because of its distinctive feature, which is the ridgeback pattern of fur on its back. A well-bred Lang Aan Siamese dog can fetch up to 300,000 Baht.

       Dried seafood is the one famous and favourite product for both Thai and foreign visitors. Some need to be cooked and some are readily edible. Dried fruits are also famous products that are recommended.

        The golden pineapple from Trat is famous because of its distinct sweet crispness and bright yellow colour.

        A lot of attention has been drawn to the local fighting cock of Trat because of its unique techniques.