koh chang snippets

- The Klong Yai district is the sole supplier of cooking gas to Cambodia’s Koh Kong province which is a tourist and gambling attraction.

Klong Son Beach
- The Thai International Law Consultants office is conveniently located at the Klong Son village
- For those driving themselves around the island, the Klong Son village has a Shell gas station as well.

White Sand Beach
- For a sudden urge to check finances, there are Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) located along the main road. Moreover, the sub-branch of Krung Sri Ayudhaya Bank is located nearby the Cookies Hotel and the Krung Thai Bank is nearby the Chang Buri Resort and Spa
- More Internet cafes are sprouting here and there along the main road.
- The beach’s main road has food kiosks selling a wide variety of delicious street foods.
- Get lost in several shops selling cool stuff such as decorative house items, handmade accessories and souvenirs including salons and tailor shops.
- The line of beer bars along the same road now has an extension of small food shops. 
- There is a Viewpoint just before your vehicle takes the curve down to the White Sand Beach.
- For your optical needs, this area is also the place to go to.
- There is a shop at the White Sand Plaza that sells an extensive collection of second- hand books and magazines.
- Pharmacies also scatter along the main road for medicine emergencies.
- Bangkok Airways ticketing office is located at the roadside just ahead the White Sand Plaza.
- The walkways to the public access beach are located beside the 7/11 shop, and beside the Ban Thai Resort.

koh chang snippets

Laem Chaichet
- For heavy shopping needs, visit V Mart at Chai Chet Plaza, the biggest grocery mart on the island.
- The Laem Chai Chet is the best place to view the sunset, and also serves as a fishing spot.

Klong Prao Beach      
- The landing strip for small private or chartered planes is now ready for use.
- Klong Prao Beach is where most firefly tour begins.
- Recently opened important offices in Klong Prao are the TOT Office, Post Office, and the Klong Prao School.
- For all health and medical needs, there are a number of private clinics in Klong Prao.
- For fitness buffs, you can visit the Koh Chang Gym in Klong Prao. 
- There is another Shell gas station in Klong Prao, adjacent to the Klong Prao temple.

Bang Bao Fishing Village
- The village’s main attraction is the line of seafood restaurants offering live seafood that you can request the staff to fish out from a fish tank.
- The fishing village now has a public health centre and police station.

Salakphet Beach
- The Koh Chang Marina provides berths for yachts.
- The mini-museum at Wat Salak Phet can allow you a glimpse into Koh Chang’s past.

Than Mayom Beach
- There is a Viewpoint after the Than Mayom waterfall, and just before you reach Ban Hat Sai Dang.

Dan Mai and Dan Kao         
- Just before embarking into the ferry, you can do a last petrol fill-up at the PTT gas station in the 2 villages.
- The Koh Chang Subdistrict Office is located in Dan Kao, while the Koh Chang Police Headquarters is located in Dan Mai village.
- There is a cockfighting arena at the Dan Kao village for rooster aficionados.
- The Koh Chang Government Hospital, located at the Dan Mai village, now offers speedboat transfer to the mainland for critical cases.

Salak Khok
- The Salak Khok Fishing Village is home to the island’s prawn farm industry.
- For the more environmentally conscious, visit the mangrove rehabilitation area at the Salak Khok Ecotourism Project.