Clear Blue Sea at Koh Kood

Koh Kood In 2007, the group of 24 islands south of Koh Chang officially became a district. With a population of 2,118 Koh Kood is the least populated district in all Thailand. While the main island of Koh Kood is the fourth largest in Thailand it has a population of only 1,715, the rest of the district's dwellers are in Koh Mak.

Situated 80 Kms or 1 hour by speedboat from the mainland. Koh Kood is the farthest and easternmost island of Thailand bordering Kampuchea. Infra-structure here is limited to the essentials such as schools, hospitals, police stations, telephone, electricity and water. Most resorts generate their own electricity, either by fuel or solar energy. The oldest village is Klong Mad Village where the people are of Thai and Cambodian origins who migrated from neighboring Koh Kong since the turn of the 20th century.

Koh Kood has a mountainous terrain in the central region with 70% of the area covered by tropical rainforest. Development is scarce and mostly at coastal areas. Koh Kood boasts of scenic beauties, crystal clear sea, pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and a pure natural environment. Most of the resorts are on the west. The Khao Paenthee is the highest peak and a superb viewpoint for the island-dotted sea. Two of the most beautiful islands are Koh Mai Si and Koh Raet, both small islands of coconut trees, fine beaches, healthy corals and spectacular sunset viewpoints.