Locals, visitors, and business owners on the Koh Chang Marine National Park are joining hand in hand in their aim toward sustainable tourism. Necessary adjustments in operation and worthwhile activities are being undergone to help spread awareness about preseving the environment, ensuring healthy lifestyle and reducing costs.

go green on koh chang

Go Green on Koh Chang - This is the newest propaganda from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) supported by various local government agencies amining for the preservation and maintenance of natural resources and promotion of sustainable tourism. Koh Chang was named as the country's flagship destination for Green Tourism.

Cleaning Day - Koh Chang recently held a cleaning day participated by hotel staffs, visitors and locals. They spent one day to gather together, brooms and dustpans in hand, to clean selected areas on Koh Chang. Another cleaning day was also held in Koh Mak made possible by volunteers, resort and business owners, and expat homeowners. There are now plans to regularly clean the beaches on Koh Mak by hiring workers.

Low Carbon Count - Speaking of Koh Mak, it was selected by the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA) as a Low Carbon Holiday Island. One of its first initiatives is the establishment of a bike trail project. The island is more suitable to the sald form of transportation as it is relatively more flat and there is abundance of trees providing shady comfort to the bikers.

Organic Garden - A growing trend on Koh Chang is the putting up of organic farms well away from the guestrooms. In small and large lots, it helps sustainability as resorts doesn't have to rely with supplies coming in from the mainland anymore. Ever wondered where restaurant leftovers go? It is being processed to become organic fertilizers that will in turn successfully cultivate their organic gardens. Similar practices are also known in Koh Mak and Koh Kood.

koh chang going green

Green Leaf Hotels - We are proud to feature some resorts who have received certifications or trophies from the Green Leaf Foundation for adapting pro-environment practices and being smoke-free hotels, as follows:-