Koh Chang Waterfalls

Klong Yai Kee Waterfall, Koh Kood
The high peaks and steep mountains of fertile rainforest create spectacular waterfalls, 5 on Koh Chang and 2 others on Koh Kood

Start with the medium-sized Kiriphet Waterfall which is located 2 kilometers away from the southern fishng village of Salak Phet. Park your vehicle at the rubber plantation within the vicinity of the waterfall and take a 15-minute walk. It has multiple levels and it is possible to climb up to the 7th level during Dry Season. Hikers are advised to wear climbing shoes, take great caution and check the water current, especially during the rainy season, when it also becomes wet and slippery.

Klong Nung Waterfall is the tallest waterfall on Koh Chang, quite challenging to get to, but definitely worth the effort. The chest-deep pond is suitable for a cool dip after the 1-hour hike. There is no well-marked footpath going there and the only way is through the river. It is the best to hire a local guide to lead the way.

The entrance to Thaan Ma Yom Waterfall is just behind the Marine National Park headquarters. Entrance fee to the waterfall is at 200 Baht/person for adults and 100 Baht/children. You can either park your vehicle right at the headquarters for free, or you can drive for another 150 meters and pay 20 Baht for a parking area. From there, you need to walk 200 meters on a well-marked pathway on the river bank. Along the way, you need to cross the river an da rope serves as guide. Getting to the waterfall requires no serious effort making it one of the most popular of all. It is a series of 3 falls along the Klong Mayom stream. The second watefall is about 500 meters east and the third is 3 kilometers from the first.

Klong Nonsi Waterfall is located on the northernmost end of Koh Chang near the Dan Mai village. Follow the blue sign that will bring you to a parking area. There is a tin box where you can drop your parking fee of 10 Baht for motorbikes and 30 Baht for cars. There is no entrance fee to the waterfall. From there, you can take a leisurely 15-minute walk about fruit orchards to the waterfall. Follow the well-worn footpath and you will bring yourself to a moss-covered concrete steps on the riverbank. You need to go down the steps and travel up the river. Not too far from there, you will see a small-sized watefall. Another moss-covered concrete steps will bring you to the upper level.

And finally, end the day trip with Klong Plu Waterfall. It is another popular waterfall among local and foreign tourists as it is easy to get to if you are on the island's west coast. Entrance fee to the waterfall is at 200 Baht/person. But if you visit Klong Plu and Thaan Ma Yom Waterfall on the same day, you only need to pay once. To get there, you need to walk along a well-marked footpath for only 20 minutes or about 800 meters. Walking to the second and third levels will require the assistance of park officials as the path is slippery and difficult to reach. The fall plunges down a narrow drop-off into a pool, where you can go for a refreshing to swim. The huge, cool, freshwater pool is deep in the center and the flank allowing visitors to dive from an elevated spot.

Waterfalls Other Islands

The Klong Yaiki Waterfall can be found on the northern part of Ban Klong Mad fishing village in Koh Kood. It is a splendid tourist spot, where the stones of the waterfalls resemble a very wide staircase.

Another waterfall on Koh Kood is Klong Chao Watefall, or royally known as Anamkok Waterfall. The magnificent 3-tier-waterfall comprises upper 2 tiers, which is running cool, freshwater from the mountains and a lower one which is a large pond with calm waters. Getting to the waterfall can be done in two ways. One can take a kayak and paddle up the estuary from the Klong Chao Bay, which will take about 15-20 minutes, and can prove to be a worthwhile time to enjoy the mangrove trees and the small fishermen's villages along the estuary. From the dock, the waterfall is a 10-15 minute hike on rocky path. Another way is to find your way to Ban Klong Chao, and take the 4-kilometer trail hike to the waterfall which takes about 10-15 minutes.

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